Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's all about her :)

some say it ain't over until it's over..but i guess this is really over now , there's something i gotta say before i let you go..listen , when you h've a fight with him and cry because of him , and it's so hard for you that i feel don't know anything but my heart hurts , if you smile a little i feel gud..thinking perhaps you could know my heart , and that if you knew we could become distant , i hold my breath again and bite my lips.. hoping that you leave him and come to me , baby please don't hold his hand , cuz you should be my lady , look at me who's waited for you for so long.. when the music sounds you will be your whole life with him , i prayed every night that this day wouldn't come , you're wearing a wedding dress.. girl you're wearing a wedding dress , and it's not me. you never knew my feelings and i hated you for that , sometimes i wished you were tears have already gone dry , and i h've habit of talking to you on my own..when i see how worried i've been every night..i don't even know how it ended up like this , i close my eyes and dream a dream with no end , hoping that you leave him and come to me , please don't hold his hand , look at me waited for you for so long..please be happy with him so that i can forget you , erase my wretched image from your mind , even if for a while it's so hard for me that i feel like dying , like an idiot i lived in a fantasy for so long . she still looks at me and smile so brightly , girl you're wearing wedding dress :)