Tuesday, May 17, 2011

routine :)

weeyyy..sumpah aku da jd "aku" yg 2taon lps..ddok uma..xklua..xbcampur..xmkn n blablabla..rmai ckp "hey!kemon la ely..xkn sbb gurl kau jd gle bdoh sume cmni" N aku jwb simple jela.."da aku syg die" haha..ape2 jela..mmg aku syg die pown weyy so jgn nk bz body sgt la tnye aku itu ini life aku so aku la tentukan jgn dok sebok2 risau n jge tepi kain aku..aku rimas sgt da..if ari2 nk nnges psl die cte psl die gle psl die pown aku mmg bleh tu mmg aku da dr dlu lg aku jgn nk sebok :))

p/s:always tnggu kau :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

my life

i'm bored..bored and bored..bleh xputar mse balik bg xknl rara tu sume bleh x..??:') bg la aku hepy..da xleh la nk face cmni..xtau la bkn nk jwg la tp mmg btol..allah jela tau...haiihh..ble ilng bru nk syg sgt..ble ade x d lyn..haiihh ely ely uba la kn..??XD..and sometimes aku akn bce tau die pnye comment ngan aku..inbox and other's..sgt sweet n hepy je..but now..haihh :) i just want my life back plez..and you know what ttbe seari lps kte break die tros bwt relationship ngan boy lein..mmg xla air terjun aku kn..??haha..allah know's me redha jela :)

p/s:i love you nur amira <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's all about her :)

some say it ain't over until it's over..but i guess this is really over now , there's something i gotta say before i let you go..listen , when you h've a fight with him and cry because of him , and it's so hard for you that i feel don't know anything but my heart hurts , if you smile a little i feel gud..thinking perhaps you could know my heart , and that if you knew we could become distant , i hold my breath again and bite my lips.. hoping that you leave him and come to me , baby please don't hold his hand , cuz you should be my lady , look at me who's waited for you for so long.. when the music sounds you will be your whole life with him , i prayed every night that this day wouldn't come , you're wearing a wedding dress.. girl you're wearing a wedding dress , and it's not me. you never knew my feelings and i hated you for that , sometimes i wished you were tears have already gone dry , and i h've habit of talking to you on my own..when i see how worried i've been every night..i don't even know how it ended up like this , i close my eyes and dream a dream with no end , hoping that you leave him and come to me , please don't hold his hand , look at me waited for you for so long..please be happy with him so that i can forget you , erase my wretched image from your mind , even if for a while it's so hard for me that i feel like dying , like an idiot i lived in a fantasy for so long . she still looks at me and smile so brightly , girl you're wearing wedding dress :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

mother's day

If I knew as a child what I know now, Mom, I probably wouldn't have made things so hard for you.
I would have understood that you were looking out for my best interest.
even though it may not have seemed so at the time. I would have known how difficult it is to let go,
to stand back and let someone you love learn from their mistakes.

I would have realized how fortunate I was to have a mother who was always there for me,even after an argument,even after I'd said things I shouldn't have.

While it's too late for a lot of things, it's not too late for me to tell you that I appreciate how loving you are, how giving you've always been and that even though I may not always be good at showing it, I love you very much.

*All you love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Mothers Day with a wish for happiness and a world full of love :) i love you mum <3

Saturday, March 26, 2011


haihh..nta la tensen sgt da skang ni..allah jela tau..hmm..buang la jauh2 perasaan ni..adoii..sgt sakit rse die weyy :(

Saturday, March 19, 2011


today..time aku dan mmbe2 practise aku yg lein sndg rest nk mkn tu sume ttbe ade satu anjing itam ni terlepas nta dr mne2 ttbe kejar kmi satu group yg pelik dlm bnyk2 org die kejarnye aku..aku bwt pe kt die dowh..??SHIT!tkot sgt kot td..mmg cm sial..sumpah sial..kaki aku hampir2 kne gigit ngan nta dr mne kuase dtg..aku lari mngalahkan atlet negara..sumpah laju..sambil lari sambil menjerit plak kn..??mmg smart!XD practise gurl yg lein mmg xusha sgt la kn..haha mlu da XD tp pape pown aku xkn maafkan anjing tersebut..untung la ade uma org kan xlompat masuk jgk aku msok dlm uma org tu..thnz macek ida *siap knl nme..haha :)

p/s:ati2 la di luar umah :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nur Amira

hey guys..just nk gtau yg aku da couple ngan bdak yg bnme nur amira binti omar pd tarikh 26/12/2010 :D haha sumpah dowh xtau la cmne dpt die..cmne dpt pikat die..series xtau!selepas 2taon mnyingle finally!aku taken jgk..ahaaa..*bngge da :p n btw die ni sgt la beik tau..klaka..ngan die mmg pyah la nk gado ke ape ke..couple ngan die mmg cm couple ngan bdak :D haha..die cute..mnje "mybe"..lawa..tnggi..pnyayang..emm ape lg..cm2 la..n yg paling penting die lebih beik dr EX aku sblom ni :)) sayang die sgt :)

p/s:awk..awk cute awk lawa..awk org yg paling sye syg tau tau!:)

ni ha pic die ---->